Walking Tour of Hania

I received many requests to formulate a guided walking tour of the old town of Hania as an extension of the original and quite unique "Fenny's Tours" programme.
Whilst this tour has been planned and scheduled, it has been designed to be informal and "loosely" organised to allow for the flexibilities of the Greek way of life!
Any visitor with the simplest of town maps and a few words of Greek or English can find the main tourist spots of Hania - the Agora (market hall), Harbour Front, Bus Station, etc. This tour has been specifically designed to show you the real, true town of Hania beneath the veneer of recent tourism. I will take you to places in the old town that are not shown on the tourist maps and are off the beaten track, places that the usual "Town Tours" do not go to and places that even some of the residents of Hania do not know about! Of course, you will see the Market Hall, "Leather Lane" and Halidon Street, but these areas you can visit at your leisure. On this tour you will discover "lost" Turkish fountains and bathhouses; the restored, part-Venetian period Jewish Synagogue, quaint mediaeval back streets and alleyways. Venetian and Turkish houses; mosques, churches, fortifications, old tradesmen's' shops and a host of other gems that are the secrets of this truly Greek "working" city.
Neolithic, Minoan, Mycenaean, Dorian, Classical and Hellenistic Greek, Roman, Arab, Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish and modern Greek; all are exposed to the knowing eye like a slice of multi-layered history cake; a kaleidoscope of architectural styles and building techniques spanning over 6,000 years of civilisation.
I will be only too pleased to share with you the years of familiarity and research that have gone into planning this two-hour experience. After this expedition you will be aware of what Hania is really all about and your eyes will look beyond the colourful awnings of the harbourside tavernas and you will see and appreciate one of the oldest settlements in the world which has been in continuous occupation for some 6,000 years. I look forward to seeing you on one of my tours of this fascinating city with all its hustle and bustle, its variety of colours and sounds, its mysteries and secrets - all of which have survived despite 2,000 years of subjugation and slavery, the ravages of World War II and all those years of poverty and deprivation.
My "Guided Walking Tour of Hania Old Town" has been featured on BBC1 and BBC2 Television Travel programmes and in many articles in national and international newspapers and magazines.

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"I arrived in Hania never having been there before and not knowing a soul. Within half an hour of taking Tony Fennymore's guided tour, I felt I had lived there all my life. That's how good this guy is.
Tours can be dreary affairs. Guides are often poorly informed, they recite the facts parrot-fashion, hurry you from site to site before you can ask any difficult questions. Not Fennymore. He combines a sound academic understanding of the history of this remarkable island of Crete, with a deep affection and respect for its people, and its way of life. And how he tells the story of this remarkable town! There is never a dull moment on a Fennymore tour. Long may his voice be heard on the streets of Hania."

PAUL HEINEY - Radio and T.V. Presenter/Writer

"...momentoes for us of a truly magic holiday in Crete and to a special day in Chania when you opened our eyes to a long history of change."
Mr & Mrs A.. - West Yorks.

"The Hania trip was especially memorable. We thought you'd like to know that we were reminded of Dr. Johnson on James Thomson the poet ...with a mind that at once comprehends the vast and attends to the minute. That's how we remember the trip."
Mr & Mrs T. - North Yorks.

"My wife and I have just returned from a week's holiday in Crete near Chania and during our stay we went on your excellent tour of the town… anyway, as I say, we thoroughly enjoyed your lively and informative eye-opening tour.. inspired by your tour I wrote a short poem.."
Mr H. - Wiltshire.

" Just to thank you for an excellent tour of Hania. It was the difference between walking through a town and re-living its history."
Mr O. - MP House of Commons.

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